September 18th, 2021 12-2pm

Hosted by: Alexia Emuze of Austin NOW and Triana Arnold-James of Georgia NOW

Austin NOW is bringing attention to the unjustly passing of SB8; that’s going to vastly affect low income individuals, especially women of color regarding abortion health.


Vienna - Austin NOW Youth Subcommittee Leader

Triana Arnold-James - President of Georgia NOW

Representative Vikki Goodwin

Representative Lloyd Doggett

Representative Donna Howard (Possible Speaker)

Representative Gina Hinojosa

Representative S. Lee Merritt - Video Message (Available at 12:30)

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Tracy Scott Founder of Black women PAC

Mayor Steve Adler - Video Message (Available at 12:30)

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Adri Perez (they/them) -ACLU

The Coalition (Possible Speakers)

Alexia Emuze - President of Austin NOW

Call to Action

There’s work to be done.

Planned Parenthood Petition For Abortion Access:

Planned Parenthood Tell Your Lawmakers You Support the Women’s Health Protection Act:

Lilith Fund Read and Then Sign at the Bottom on Next Page Sign onto the Repro Power Austin agenda:

Please feel free to contact these corporations and ask them to either get their political donations RETURNED by state legislators who sponsored S.8, or promise to never donate to the campaigns again. Ask these companies to withdraw their support and express their concern about legislators who have so little regard for girls and women, their lives and their ability to make health care decisions as autonomous human beings. This is NOT a call to withhold our consumer dollars, at least not yet. (compiled by two Virginia college women who care after reading this)

Charter Communications

Sr Director of Communications for the Texas Region: Brian Anderson

Exec VP, corporate communications: Cameron Blanchard

Corporate office: (314) 965-0555

Executives listed at this link:


Corporate office: (210) 821-4105

CEO: John T. Stankey

Email: and


(800) 531-8722

(800) 365-8722

Human Resources Email:

Farmers Insurance

Customer Care: 1 (888) 327-6335

Corporate Office: (323) 932-3200

United Healthcare

Customer Care: (800) 328-5979

Personal Inquiry:

Other Inquiry:


Corporate Office: (800) 331-1476

Executive Leadership:


General Inquiries:General Motors Company P.O. BOX 33170 Detroit, MI 48232-5170

Corporate Headquarters: (313) 556-5000

Executive Leadership:

CVS Health

Personal Inquiries:

Corporate Office: (401) 765-1500

General Inquiries: 1-800-746-7287

State Farm

General Inquiries: (800-782-8332)




CVS Health

Personal Inquiries:

Corporate Office: (401) 765-1500

General Inquiries: 1-800-746-7287

State Farm

General Inquiries: (800-782-8332)




Corporate Office (COMCAST): 1-215-286-1700

Corporate Office (NBC): (818) 777-9632

Kathy Banuelos

Vice President of Legal & Government Affairs

Phone: (818) 777-8053

Fax: (818) 866-3363

Tracy Cohen

Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs

Phone: (818) 777-3831

Fax: (818) 866-9693

Keith Gorham

Senior Vice President, Labor Relations

Phone: (818) 777-2262

Fax: (818) 866-2601

Darnell Tyler

Director, Real Estate Planning & Community Relations

Phone: (818) 777-6693

Fax: (818) 866-1975


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